Adventures Wanted – Guest Writer Program

Hello Adventures! 

We here at Bighorn Overland are constantly looking for ways to interact with our community. We are looking for some fellow adventures to highlight some of their trips, experiences, stories or even guides as a Guest Writer

What is a Guest Writer?

A Guest writer is a person (You) Who wants to spread their voice who doesn’t have their own platform to share it on or is looking to expand their audience. The guest writer will then write up some Blog posts for Bighorn Overland and have their story shared here for all other fellow adventures to read.

Why should you do this?

You should consider applying for this program if you are the type of person who loves sharing their personal experiences, Teaching others things you have learned, Showcasing some of your amazing photography skills. 

Bighorn Overland will provide you with a platform to share all your visions, ideas, and trips, and will benefit you for using us as the platform. 

What are the Benefits

There are many Benefits to being a guest writer for Bighorn Overland, below are some of the top reasons.

  • More Exposure

You will be able (And Encouraged) to link back to your own Blog, Website, YouTube Channel or Instagram Etc. to help the readers find and follow you.

  • Ownership

The Blog Post remains yours and you will be credited as the sole Author of the post. 

  • Discounts 

All Approved Guest Writers will receive a permanent discount at Bighorn Overland

  • Store Credit

For each article wrote, you will receive a Store credit for the post, this credit can be applied on any order, and in combination with any Discount or Coupon code. 

  • Hone your Skills as a Writer

Improve your writing skills in a way that is both fulfilling by helping expand the content in the community as well as financially rewarding, Help pay for your Roof Top Tent or new Winch.

What are the Rules?

  • Must be an original piece, Wrote by yourself. No Copy & Pasting from other sites or blogs.
  • Must be in English
  • Content must be PG of Nature, No Cursing or explicit Profanity,
  • Article must meet minimum lengths to qualify,

How can I Submit a post?

First step would be to create an account on Then fill out the application that is linked below.

Upon acceptance I will email you the instructions on how to create a post and upload media.

How often can I submit a post?

At the moment there is currently no limit, this may change if the system is getting abused. 

Sounds great! How can I Apply?

Please click the button below

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