Welcome to Bighorn Overland

We are an online based overland & vehicle accessory store based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

Our goal was to make an easy one-stop website to find all the products, information, and resources to plan your next grand overland adventure.

We here at Bighorn Overland would like to personally thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read our blog.

Where our name came from:

The Bighorn Overland name came about from the rugged, sturdy, and strong Bighorn sheep. They can occupy a vast range of environments, from the steep and cold Rocky Mountains in Canada down to the hot and deserts in the American Southwest. Much like the sheep, we Overlanders need to traverse vast distances over demanding terrains.

What we offer:

Bighorn Overland can help you overcome those challenging terrains and vast distances by ensuring you have the proper gear and all the information required.

Our store will feature all the overland equipment you will need, from Rooftop Tents to Recovery Gear, Survival Equipment & Off-Grid living products.

We wanted to help out fellow adventurers and Overlanders by providing them with a list of resources, guides, ideas, how-to’s and product reviews.

We also want to inspire you to plan your next adventure, by highlighting some of the amazing locations, hidden gems & great routes we and our influencers have come across.

We will also be featuring guest writers to detail their adventures, get advice from others who have done this long-term, Or product specialists.

Looking for more?

If you have any questions, looking for specific products not listed on this site, want to become an Influencer or Guest writer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear from you.

I encourage you to subscribe to our blog for more posts, Comment on any articles that you see to help grow and spread the overland community and to visit our store to see some of the products we have available.

Thank you for reading, visiting, and helping to build a better over landing community for everyone. And Remember to Tread Lightly!

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